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Ecology means 3 things for us:

  1. Healthy cuisine based on ecological ingredients, balanced daily menu.
  2. Strong emphasis on ecological contents entwined with the educational ones
  3. Numerous preschool and nursery projects, local and international, pointing out to the ecological threats to our planet.

In nursery, we work in groups of 12 or 15 people. In preschool, the groups include maximally 18 people.

3 teachers work with each group – tutor, English tutor and assistant or teacher supporting the education process.

Baby City uses the immersion method, which means that an English-speaking teacher or native speaker works with each group all day. They conduct a separate didactic programme, analogous in terms of content with the Polish one.

We base the education work on the Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication and Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline.

The most important is understanding child’s needs, proper way of responding to behaviour communication and teaching social competence. All undesirable behaviour is a perfect time to form desirable competence.

Children behave well when they feel well. Relationship, bound with the teacher, attention, feel of belonging and importance ensure educational success.

Motivation, encouragement and reinforcement of desirable behaviour ensure the young man’s success in the world.


We cooperate with the best schools in Warsaw, and the school directors are frequent guests of Baby City. We know how and what to teach, so that the children can go to the first-choice schools. We closely cooperate with parents, supporting the 6-year-olds in achieving the full school readiness.

Our graduates are currently pupils in all the most prestigious elementary schools: STO, Bednarska Complex, Primus Foundation, bilingual, international and British schools. The CPS method that we work with ensures that our graduates are not only ready for the first grade, but above all they want to learn and know how to do it. Volunteering 6-year-olds can take their first Cambridge English competence PTE exam.

Part-day care is possible in extraordinary cases.

AS a rule, we provide full-day care for children, due to the well-thought didactic and educational programme, which is spread between 9.00 and 16.00, so that children have a chance for both didactic classes and free play, which is extremely important in order to build social competence and consolidate curriculum contents.

Nursery groups are only at ul. Zielona. Preschool groups are both at ul. Zielona and Bonifacego.

Both buildings have their own kitchen, playground, music and movement classrooms. The classroom arrangement for a group is also similar. Each group has 2 classrooms (for playing and resting or playing classroom and a didactic one) as well as a bathroom adjacent to the classrooms.

Both buildings comfort to high EHS, sanitary and fire safety standards.