Why Baby City?

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Childhood is the best time to acquire new languages since during this period the process is considered by learners as having fun in a pleasant environment.

Each of our groups is run by a bilingual team – a Polish teacher as well as an English teacher. We participate in many international projects such as Say Hello to the World, Mother Goose Time and eTwinning. We also use interactive boards, movies and other multimedia tools. What is more, children get familiar with the culture of English-speaking countries by celebrating holidays and observances including Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, English Week, European Day of Languages and other special days. In addition to that, three times a week our children participate in Spanish classes based on games and other fun activities.​

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PYP education

Our mission is to support children's openness and creativity, build their courage as well as awareness of their strengths and demonstrate the benefits of teamwork. We provide a PYP Program.

Taking requirements of the 21st century into consideration, our children’s knowledge ceases to be the main point of interest. Thus, in our preschool we focus on the skills of knowledge acquisition, analysis and synthesis, and nonconventional problem solving. Our teaching methodology is based, among others, on creative problem solving. Holistic approach to the learning process enables our teachers to combine thematic areas and introduce science as a coherent whole with the use of modern methods and techniques.

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democracy and NVC

Every child wants to feel that his needs are understood and respected. Setting boundaries does not require implementing a penalty system.

Nonviolent Communication – NVC

According to the NVC philosophy (nonviolent communication), the needs of children and parents should be respected equally. Following this way of thinking enables us to establish effective communication and cooperation free of penalties and prizes. Reinforcement of desirable behaviors takes place in the form of praising or hugging.

Democratic education

We believe that children, like all of us, can decide for themselves on how to schedule their activities. Despite the wide range of activities, children have the right to choose what they will benefit from and when. We give them opportunities but we do not overload them with too many stimulants. Each child gets an appropriate amount of time and space for reflection and being on a one-to-one basis.

Independence and autonomy

We support children’s independence during meals – they themselves decide how much and what they eat. We follow the idea of Baby Led Weaning and we have successfully implemented this approach in the youngest groups. As it comes to older children, they compose their own meals – some are served in the form of buffet including healthy and natural products and according to children’s likes and dislikes

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friendly interiors

Staying in well-lit, spacious and equipped rooms children are provided with an appropriate environment for their harmonious development.

Baby City is located in three buildings of the total of 1.500 m2 at Sadyba.. The spacious and colorful spaces of our preschool meet all safety standards and create a child-friendly environment. Our modern playground is equipped with the latest artificial materials, providing children a lot of joy in a safe environment.

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best team

The best motivation for us is a child’s smile and Parent’s content. We are giving it all we’ve got. We work with the best teachers, who are passionate about education.

 We carefully hire the team of teachers and supporting people. They are the ones who create the highest quality of Baby City. We care not only about education, but above all about passion for teaching, relationship with children and the team.

Every Polish-speaking teacher at least graduated from college in the course of study of preschool and early-school pedagogy. Every English-speaking Tutor graduated English studies or training college for English teachers. We also work with native speakers. In our group there are special education pedagogues, teachers supporting the learning process, psychologists and speech therapists as well as sensory integration therapists.



We are ambassadors of healthy lifestyle. We get healthy, high-quality food from reliable ecological sources and prepare diets for allergic people.

Lactose-free, gluten-free, elimination, vegetarian and other.​

Wspieramy Talenty


Learning is fun! We focus on recognition and development of children's talents by creating individualized educational programs for talented children and those with special educational needs.

We offer a wide range of activities that develop individual interests: “Matplanet” mathematical workshops, Funiversity, robotics and programming courses, pottery classes and fine arts for little artists, drama workshops, music classes, hip-hop and capoeira. For athletes – yoga, swimming lessons, soccer, acrobatics and karate. For talented or demanding children we develop individual annual programs. We believe that customization is the key to success!

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healthy habits

We build the habits of healthy eating and everyday physical activity. We also invite parents and grandparents of our children to collaborate with us.

We do not teach how to do sports but how to fall in love with physical activity so as it becomes a habit, not a duty. Sports classes are conducted on a daily basis, including swimming, acrobatics, football, gymnastics, capoeira, karate. Moreover, we have a large gym adjusted to our needs.

przedszkole dwujęzyczne wilanów

vacation programme

All vacations are an amazing adventure. We learn about the world and travel to places, which we weren’t able to see during the year. Come and join us.

If you want to join Baby City, we welcome you. You can come for the whole vacations as well as for selected weeks. Each week is devoted to a different project. We study, create, organise trips to interesting places and… swim in our preschool garden pool.

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